Role Description

Free & Fair (F&F) seeks an experienced systems engineering development leader—an executive who can step in and build a dynamic, distributed engineering team, deliver solutions to the market, and execute challenging development activities focused on national critical infrastructure.

The VP of Engineering at F&F will be responsible for executing on the Company’s overall technology vision and driving its development execution. This person will recruit world-class talent, manage and evolve development processes and methodologies, and foster an organizational structure to help our high-performing development team deliver applications to the market.  This person will keep abreast of and influence research and technology trends, standards, and stakeholders.  This person will have the ability to bridge technology with business acumen, will bring experience in developing state-of-the-art customer-facing applications, and will develop and sustain a culture of passion, hard work, and innovation.

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This role has a core responsibility for the overall engineering effort within F&F—building an open source high-assurance voting system running on novel hardware.  Key responsibilities include:

  • Strategic planning for all engineering efforts
  • Overseeing all activities of the engineering team
  • Supporting the development of the product roadmap
  • Leading and defining our engineering methodology for the design, development, validation, verification, and release of our products and features
  • Establishing goals, objectives, and operating procedures for the engineering team
  • Defining and communicating plans, policies, and standards for the engineering organization
  • Recruiting, managing, and continuously developing a world-class team of technology professionals viewed as the global R&D leader in the secure voting system space.
  • Participating in the strategic business and product planning process
  • Being actively engaged in technology standards boards and organizations that may impact F&F and its offerings
  • Being an active spokesperson and evangelist both internally and externally by communicating and promoting F&F’s technology vision and solutions
  • Evaluating new technologies and solutions in the market and being responsible for keeping abreast of trends that may impact F&F
  • Developing engineering best practices and monitoring technical standards to ensure adherence to them
  • Being directly responsible for establishing and managing the operating development budget 



  • Previous senior leadership roles in product or application development and rigorous engineering for high-growth companies
  • Proven leadership of distributed software teams that have delivered great products on deadline
  • Proven ability to recruit the best and brightest developers in the world and provide them with a vision and working environment to develop world-class applications, while instituting compelling performance measurements that continually drive transparency and improved performance
  • Excellent communication skills, strong team player, and the ability to work cross-functionally in a fast-paced, high-productivity startup environment
  • Experience with globally distributed teams and business partners
  • Experience in managing both mainstream development and R&D activities
  • Experience in development with open source technologies
  • S. in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related engineering field
  • 10+ years of product engineering experience

Preference will be given to candidates with:

  • Experience in formal methods and software assurance
  • Experience with rigorous engineering methodologies, especially those based upon applied formal methods such as formal specification and verification, design-by-contract, and refinement-based design methods
  • Familiarity with cryptographic protocols, especially end-to-end verifiable (E2E-V) protocols
  • Deep understanding of voting system requirements and E2E-V architecture

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About Free and Fair

Free & Fair is a Public Benefit (Class B) corporation whose focus is research and development of technologies that help foster and realize trustworthy elections.  We provide elections services and systems meeting the same reliability and security standards as the US federal government demands for national security.  Our system designs and architectures are reviewed by the world’s foremost experts in academia and industry.  Our products are open source, provably correct, and secure, and we provide independently verifiable evidence of their correctness and security.  Our mission is to help election officials and the voting public take back control of their elections technologies, and our goal is to usher in a new era of provably secure elections.  We want to help election officials escape the never-ending treadmill of replacing chronically insecure systems that quickly become obsolete or expensive to maintain.

Free & Fair is a spin out of Galois.