A software first, security-centered ePollbook

The Free & Fair ePollbook is a complete pollbook solution for precinct polling places and county vote centers. It is scalable, secure, and allows for integration with voter registration and election management systems, making deployment easy. It is also fully interactive, providing instant statistics and reporting, and can be easily customized to county laws and needs. The Free & Fair ePollbook provides a new level of stability and security, with all our standard benefits and guarantees: high-assurance engineering, lifetime warranty, and perpetual ownership.

Complete independence

Choose your own hardware and customize voter experience. Our ePollbook runs on an enormous variety of COTS hardware and operating systems, giving you complete flexibility in cost, deployment, user interface, and more.

Easily deployable

Deployment is a breeze. Whether we provide the hardware or you use your own, our ePollbook installs easily on mobile devices via app download or with a hands-off point-and-click installer.

Innovative networking

Do away with expensive, centralized servers. Free & Fair ePollbooks communicate with each other directly, avoiding a single point of failure. Any data update on one ePollbook is made available to all other ePollbooks automatically and securely.

Unmatched resilience

It's hard to bring the Free & Fair ePollbook down. If something goes wrong, the system automatically reconfigures to adjust to the new situation. You can switch roles, introduce new devices, and turn off active devices, seamlessly and with no data loss.

Guaranteed security

Security is our bread and butter. With three layers of protection, your voters' private information never sees daylight unencrypted. All data is transmitted between devices over secure channels, encrypted and signed, using a protocol that is formally specified and verified.

Our guarantee

We rigorously verify the correctness and security of our products. Our one-time perpetual software license fee includes a lifetime warranty against software defects: if a Free & Fair product behaves improperly, it will be fixed immediately, for free.