Elections that everyone can trust

With the Free & Fair Supervised Voting System (SVS), elections are reliable, secure, and verifiable by anyone in the world with no loss of voter privacy. SVS is based on STAR-Vote, a secure, transparent, auditable, and reliable voting system designed jointly by computer software and security experts and election officials from across the country.

SVS provides a seamless polling place experience from check-in to ballot casting, and also enables reliable and secure election administration from configuration through the final tally. SVS includes all our standard benefits and guarantees: high-assurance engineering, lifetime warranty, and perpetual ownership.

Unambiguous voter intent

Voters use commercial off-the-shelf hardware (COTS) to mark and print easily readable ballots, which are kept as a voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT).

Effortless reporting

Ballots are counted electronically for easy, fast, and accurate preliminary results reporting immediately after the polls close.

Guaranteed security

Security is our bread and butter. With three layers of protection, your voters' private information never sees daylight unencrypted. All data is transmitted over secure channels  using a formally verified protocol. Open source allows for independent security analysis by outside experts.

Unmatched resilience

All data within each polling place is automatically copied to multiple machines over a secure network, so votes are never lost even if something goes wrong. All ballots and logs are monitored with hashchain-based integrity verification to detect any unauthorized modifications.

Verifiability from ballot to results

SVS gives every voter evidence that:

  • Their vote was cast as they intended;
  • The vote they cast was included in the tally; and
  • The reported results match the tally.

Together, these pieces of evidence guarantee that the entire election was run correctly. The evidence can safely be made public because all the voter information it contains is encrypted. This allows anyone, anywhere, to participate in verifying the election.

Our guarantee

We rigorously verify the correctness and security of our products. Our one-time perpetual software license fee includes a lifetime warranty against software defects: if a Free & Fair product behaves improperly, it will be fixed immediately, for free.