Scan, adjudicate, and tabulate ballots

Free & Fair Tabulator is a secure and verifiable ballot scanning and tabulation system. It tabulates votes using images of paper ballots, which either come directly from existing voting systems or are created using our highly-efficient workflow with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) scanners. The Tabulator also helps identify write-in candidates and hesitation marks, enabling rapid vote adjudication. The Free & Fair Tabulator comes with all our standard benefits and guarantees: high-assurance engineering, lifetime warranty, and perpetual ownership.


  • Handles thousands of ballots per scanner per hour
  • Enables a single trained person to operate multiple scanners simultaneously
  • Uses open source software on COTS hardware
  • Generates and securely stores a digital image of each ballot
  • Supports all voting methods used in the United States
  • Purchase price includes perpetual ownership and support


The Free & Fair Tabulator provides evidence to verify that cast votes have not been altered during any stage of the tabulation process. This evidence allows election officials to discover and rectify any alterations or mistakes, whether caused by human error, hardware malfunction, or malicious intent.

Public transparency

Results come with evidence allows jurisdictions and interested parties to confirm the accuracy and veracity of the tabulation from start to finish. Because evidence contains no information about individual voters, it can be made available to the public to provide transparency and accountability.

Your choice of hardware

The Tabulator runs on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and is designed to work easily with existing voting systems with minimal customization. We can also purchase, configure, ship, and maintain COTS systems at your request, for a simple and transparent fee.

Tamper-evident records

The Free & Fair Tabulator cryptographically audits cast vote records and their correspondences with the scanned ballot images to detect tampering.

Ballot integrity

The Free & Fair Tabulator monitors all scanned ballot images using hashchain-based integrity verification and alerts you if any unauthorized changes are made.

Guaranteed correctness

We mathematically prove the correctness of our tabulation algorithms to ensure that the software always generates the correct final tally.

Our guarantee

We rigorously verify the correctness and security of our products. Our one-time perpetual software license fee includes a lifetime warranty against software defects: if a Free & Fair product behaves improperly, it will be fixed immediately, for free.