A trusted partner

We provide elections services and systems meeting the same reliability and security standards as the US federal government demands for national security. Our system designs and architecture are reviewed by the world’s foremost experts in academia and industry. Our products are provably correct, secure, and open source.

Our guarantee

Free & Fair provides verifiable evidence of the correctness and security of our products. We stand behind our software with a lifetime warranty.

Our mission:
Help you take back control of your elections technology

Our goal is to usher in a new era of provably secure elections. We want to help election officials escape the never-ending treadmill of replacing chronically insecure systems that quickly become obsolete or expensive to maintain.

We offer high-assurance, open source software that allows you to choose your own hardware and remain free of any particular hardware vendor or solution. Our one-time perpetual software licenses let you own your elections.

Lifetime warranty

We stand behind the security and reliability of our software with a lifetime warranty.

Perpetual licensing

Our clients use our products for as long as they want, for as many elections as they like, on as many systems as they need.

Hardware independence

We don't build proprietary hardware. Our clients are free to choose our hardware, use existing devices, or independently acquire new ones.

High assurance

Our engineering practices are used to create software and systems critical to national security.


Our products provide clear and compelling evidence that they work precisely as intended and designed.

Open source

Our products are open to public review and comment for increased transparency and confidence.


We inherit the ethos of our parent company, Galois. As an employee-owned company, we care about not only the technologies we develop but also the path we take to create them. We operate under a highly collaborative organizational model that encourages leadership and teamwork and respects the individual.

Our technical staff members play a pivotal role in developing advanced software technology. Engineers work in small team settings and must successfully interact with clients, partners, and other employees in a highly cooperative and intellectually challenging environment.

The Free & Fair team