Archer News — You did your civic duty. You voted. You may even get a red, white and blue sticker to wear proudly on your T-shirt. But are you sure your vote will be counted — and counted properly? If your state uses computers for voting or counting results, there’s a chance it may not, experts say. “We know that computers can have some bugs or even cleverly-hidden malicious code called malware,” said Barbara Simons, president of Verified Voting, a non-profit, nonpartisan group encouraging secure and accurate elections. “As we learned in 2016, we also have to worry about the possibility of computers and voting systems being hacked,” she added. But if you live in Colorado, you’ll now have a better chance of finding out if your vote fell victim to a glitch or a hack. Colorado is the first state to launch an advanced new system to check results after an election. It’s called a risk-limiting audit, or RLA, said to be highly efficient — and highly accurate. “I think what is happening in Colorado is very exciting,” Simons told Archer News. “It’s groundbreaking, really.” Learn more>>